Even though I'm a father of three, I am actually still in my childhood; hence, children's books! There's nothing better than hearing a child laugh or seeing the wonder in their eyes… and their unfiltered world is precious. My books are intended to open your kids’ eyes and give them another thing to smile about.



Mike Saves the Day: Pufferfish Adventures

Childrens Book, 2019

Mike’s friends, Sam Squid and Casey Clam, may not be the prettiest of creatures, but they are cool and happy about who they are.

Octopus!: Things You Don't Know

Childrens Book, 2019

What has nine brains and lives in the sea? An octopus, of course!

Dogs Are Great

Childrens Book, 2019

Share The Value Of Friendship Through Man's Best Friend! You and your child will enjoy this classic book that demonstrates how dogs can teach us about the importance of traditional values!

The Great Pirate Mystery

Childrens Book, 2019

All Scallywags On Deck! Pirate Books For Kids Ages 4-8 ** Great For Early Readers The rhyming has a smooth flow where parents and early readers will find a great rhythm when reading aloud.

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‘Octopus!: Things You Don’t Know by J.T. Hobbs(Author) and Santhya S. Radhakrishnan (illustrator) This is a children’s book that talks about the octopus! Amazing! Just love it! The book is entirely devoted to the octopus, written in beautiful rhyme, with beautiful illustrations about the bottom of the see and how the octopus lives. Perfectly explained for kids, with a cute way of presenting the octopus and its way of life, how he eats, how he changes forms, how he hides from predators, how he has this ink that helps him to run away from danger, how he sleeps and how he does everything. The book itself is quite short, but enough for kids that are starting to read or parents Reading to very young kids, the illustrations describe perfectly well what the author is saying at the moment and they are cute too. A wonderful book for kids.’

Just love it!! ~ Review by Quirru

Meet J.T. Hobbs

As a professional author, I write entertaining books for parents to read to their kids at bedtime or anytime, really.

Some are educational, some are just plain nonsense, but they all entertain and have kids wanting to read them again and again, proof of a good book!

I'm not sure I've grown out of my childhood yet... At least my wife doesn't think so!


"Review for "Mike Saves the Day-Pufferfish Adventure Book 1". I loved the illustrations in this book! The pufferfish Mike as the main character was so engaging! The under the sea scenes on each page were really fun to look at. They went well with the story line. The artist did a great job with the illustrations giving the sea creatures character and personality. Here's the storyline. Mike is a pufferfish who doesn't feel he fits in yet he has 2 popular and cool friends in Sam Squid and Casey Crab. If Mike sucks in water he puffs up!! He feels this is a dilemma for him!! Mike tells Sam and Casey his problems. They tell him not to worry! “We’re all weird and no one cares.” Wait!!! This book shows us how Mike, who thinks he is the uncool and unpopular pufferfish, can and does save the day!! There is a 3 eyed beast and a secret cave. His 2 friends are stuck. What does a pufferfish do to save his friends? The ending is wonderful. Mike who thinks he is weird and doesn't fit in, it turns out his weirdness saves the day!! I also love the illustration here where both Casey Crab and Sam Squid are hugging Mike the pufferfish. Mike comes to accept himself for who and what he is and can do. His weirdness is cool!! We all have our weird and we all do fit in in our special way. What a great message for young listeners and readers in this book. Self esteem issues are so common among children and this is an excellent children's story to teach about self esteem! If Mike's weirdness can be cool, his self esteem just skyrocketed!! I like the "new" Mike and his growing awareness for self love! He is just being a pufferfish and that's cool! This book can be used as a great teaching tool about being yourself even if you're different from others. Learning that loving yourself is ok because you are cool!! I see lots of discussion and teaching possibilities to help young readers and/or listeners gain understanding of good self esteem. This story is told in such an engaging way, it will be a story that will be read and reread I am sure! I enjoyed rereading it myself!!"

‘Ohhh it was definitely a sweet read! I bought this book for my younger cousin and I saw sincerely happiness in her eyes. First of all, the book is really colorful and attracts the attention of young readers. Second of all, on each page there are several sentences with help of them you can get acquainted with interesting and unusual facts about the octopus. Of course, probably adults know them, but for children it will be very exciting, because after the fact, you can observe a detailed illustration. Good qualified pictures will impress both of you. The book is small, I would probably like a little more, maybe more about the underwater world, but this is only my opinion. In general, I can advise Octopus!: Things You Don't Know because it is funny and will give you and your child positive emotions. I'm sure you will reread it! Highly recommended’

Your kid will definitely like it!