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    Pufferfish Adventures Mike Saves the Day

    Does your little one feel “uncool” sometimes?

    So does Mike, because blowing up like a balloon doesn’t exactly give you points for popularity…

    However… it turns out that “weird” can become a blessing!

    Start reading Mike Saves the Day to your little one today so that they can:

    Increase their self-confidence;
    Learn to turn adversities into strengths;
    Uncover new ways to make friends;
    Build their self-esteem;
    Increase their self-acceptance;
    Recognize their strengths;
    Appreciate their uniqueness;
    … and much more!

    Warning: meeting Mike the Pufferfish can cause a significant improvement in your child’s self-esteem and turn their weird-ness into hero-ness!

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    Posted by JT Hobbs on Friday, November 22, 2019

    Amazon Reviews:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Learning to celebrate your uniqueness
    September 30, 2019
    Everyone can use an infusion of self-esteem and self-confidence. Who doesn’t like to be accepted by others and feel great about their uniqueness? This Pufferfish Adventure introduces you to Mike the Pufferfish who thinks he doesn’t fit in unlike his best friends Sam Squid and Casey Crab. They are so cool and have lots of friends but Sam feels like a misfit. When he sucks in water he blows up like a balloon and he has spikes all over his body not scales like the other fish do. This embarrasses him and he feels ugly. He talks to his friends about his feelings but they don’t seem to mind him being different. They explain to him that they too are weird and no one really cares.

    And then something happens that changes Mike’s view of himself forever. His friends are playing hide and seek in Secret Cave and Mike is “It.” After he finishes counting he swims off to find his friends and the search and find game becomes a search and rescue one. Mike discovers that his besties are in grave danger and it’s up to him to save the day. Can Mike pull himself together and use his weirdness to become a superhero? Mike’s weirdness turns out to be his superpower and he doesn’t hesitate to use it to save his friends.

    Now not only do his friends celebrate his friendship and heroism but Mike is able to celebrate exactly what he is created to be… a brave, cool, popular Pufferfish that is highly accepted and belongs in his underwater community!

    Pufferfish Adventures Mike Saves the Day:

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