Meet J.T. Hobbs

I'm not sure I've grown out of my childhood yet... At least my wife doesn't think so!

I'm a dad of three (now older) kids, and I loved reading books to them at bedtime during their formative years - several were a "must read" EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and it was this experience that has given me the impetus to write (hopefully!) engaging children's books.

As a professional author, I write entertaining books for parents to read to their kids at bedtime or anytime, really.

Some are educational, some are just plain nonsense, but they all entertain and have kids wanting to read them again and again, proof of a good book!

‘New children’s book author J.T. Hobbs joins his love for reading stories to his children with writing new ones, and in this, his first publication, he is augmented by the illustrations of Santhya S Radhakrishnan. The result – a fine pairing and a solid new addition to the library of entertaining and educational books for children. The opening of the story is an invitation – ‘Jump in the water and come swim with me To look at all the creatures of the sea. The Octopus deserves more attention, of all the fish he barely gets mentioned.’ And from there we learn that the Octopus has eight arms (each with a brain), and three hearts, blue blood, and sits still in the sea with little to no motion. He has no bones, can change shapes, eats clams and snails – all things that make him a very important sea creature! Fun to read in lilting rhyme and excellent images, this is a book children will love – and from which they will learn. This is a fine little debut book. Recommended. ’

Your kid will definitely like it!