J.T. Hobbs Books

The Great Pirate Mystery

childrens book, 2019

All Scallywags On Deck! Pirate Books For Kids Ages 4-8

A great pirate book for children! We all enjoy sleeping and Johnny's no different. Only when he wakes up, he keeps finding that his best toys have gone missing and he's certain it's pirates invading his home. Who doens't like a great pirate mystery? Follow Johnny through his fun and rhyming nighttime adventure where he avoids becoming shark bait and finally solves the crime. *** Great For Early Readers The rhyming has a smooth flow where parents and early readers will find a great rhythm when reading aloud.

Mike Saves the Day
(Pufferfish Adventures Book 1)

childrens book, 2019

Mike’s friends, Sam Squid and Casey Clam, may not be the prettiest of creatures, but they are cool and happy about who they are. Mike doesn’t feel good about himself. You see, he is a pufferfish, and some people think pufferfish are the ugliest fish, right?

Join Mike on his adventure of self-discovery. Watch him as he uses his spikes and the ability to blow up like a balloon to save his friends from a HORRIBLE BEAST. See him realize that these things are part of who he is and that being a pufferfish isn’t so bad after all. He finally comes to love himself.

Dogs Are Great

childrens book, 2019

Share The Value Of Friendship Through Man's Best Friend!

You and your child will enjoy this classic book that demonstrates how dogs can teach us about the importance of traditional values! The funny and entertaining illustrations will become a must see for your child every night.

Octopus! Things You Don't Know

childrens book, 2019

What has nine brains and lives in the sea? An octopus, of course!

Finally, a non-fiction ocotpus book for kids ages 3-8! Octopus! Things You Don't Know is set to verse, flows naturally and has a wonderful rhythm so it's easy to read out loud. Kids will love learning about one of the coolest creatures of the sea...you might too! Even though it's not the prettiest creature, the octopus will simply amaze both you and your children! It's hard to believe everything in the book is true, but it is! This will be a favorite bedtime story.

‘This book is great to teach kids about being different. Everyone is different and sgould embrace it. A great book for all agrs.’

Great book ~ Christy S.