Dogs Are Great

Share The Value Of Friendship Through Man's Best Friend!

childrens book, 2019

Read Aloud & Early Readers Book

You and your child will enjoy this classic book that demonstrates how dogs can teach us about the importance of traditional values! The funny and entertaining illustrations will become a must see for your child every night.


" This book is great for the older reader and the younger listener. There is a wonderful moral about you should love the uniqueness about yourself. That uniqueness might come in handy and save the day. Sam Squid and Casey Crab are Mike Puffer fishes friends. He doesn't think he fits in. They have smooth sides he has spikes. What should I do he asks Casey. "We're all weird and no one cares.". They play Hide and seek. Sam and Casey hide in secret cave. Mike sees something scary outside the cave what should they do? What will Mike do when he finds them? You get to listen/read to find out. Yipee!! - Werecat 2"

" ... These cute characters enhance a charming story. Very well done. ~Patricia Plake "

‘This book is great to teach kids about being different. Everyone is different and sgould embrace it. A great book for all agrs.’

Great book ~ Christy S.